In 2004 the Company implemented an Integrated Management System consisting of the Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2001) and Environmental Management System (ISO 14001:2005). It has substantially streamlined, systematized and improved the management of the Company. Moreover, in June 2008 the Company successfully underwent the verification of the compliance with the European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS). The Company was the first Polish organization providing collective water supply and sewage collection and treatment services registered in the EMAS. The Company's presence in the EMAS is a confirmation of its affiliation with the European pro-ecological elite and a guarantee of sustainable management of the basic strategic resource which water is.
The implemented Environmental Management System due to the developed systemic and operational procedures and the environmental management programme:

  • improves the identification of legal requirements and makes it more effective - it guarantees that the Company has a full picture of its obligations in this respect and allows it to avoid any possible fines (increased charges),
  • decreases the risk of environmental emergencies by the identification of potential environmental hazards,
  • raises the awareness of the Company's impact on the natural environment by permanent monitoring of environmental aspects,
  • contributes to the limitation of costs related to the protection of the environment,
  • improves its image - the Company, by making the environmental data (e.g. groundwater abstraction rates, quantity and quality of treated sewage discharged to surface waters, etc.) available to the public, becomes more credible, which, in the case of the enterprise that is a natural monopolist, is worth emphasizing,
  • strengthens and intensifies the commitment of employees and all the interested parties to the continuous improvement of the Company's environmental performance.

Environmental aspects.

The environmental aspects have been identified in compliance with the systemic procedure Identification of environmental aspects’. All identified environmental aspects are subject to the assessment. In 2012 the criteria mentioned below were taken into account for the assessment:

  • influence of legal requirements and other requirements,
  • scope and time of interaction with the natural environment,
  • risk of exceeding permissible concentrations of contaminants (sewage),
  • likelihood of emergency,
  • environmental costs,
  • influence on the Company's image.

Selected significant environmental aspects:

  • groundwater abstraction rates,
  • water losses during abstraction and distribution,
  • organic matter content in sewage,
  • stabilized municipal sewage sludge,
  • exfiltration of wastewater from the sewer system to the ground,
  • quality and quantity protection of groundwater resources of the Major Groundwater Basin 326,
  • hazardous waste,
  • industrial sewage containing substances particularly harmful to the water environment that are discharged to sanitary sewerage (indirect aspect).

Selected environmental objectives:

  • reduction of water losses in the water supply system operated by the Company by 4.5% in comparison to water losses in 2006,
  • reduction of the exfiltration of wastewater from the sewer system to the ground and groundwater by repair works,
  • reduction of odour nuisance from the liquid waste collection station in Częstochowa,
  • maintenance of high effectiveness of the wastewater treatment plant in Blachownia.
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